Where is Jayant's house?

Why would you even want to work here?

The hotel provided us with sandwiches and coffee.

They did it for the money.


Hi! Good morning!

I'm sure Scot will think that's a good idea.

Tomorrow is my first day of work.

How are you taking it?

But the compass isn't in the head of the bee, it's in the body.

Do you like it or not?

Hilda said that he liked me.

I will go on foot.

Under such circumstances, we cannot succeed.


Do you disagree with that?

It's my mistake, not yours.

Victoria died in 1901.

When he arrived in Boston, Nadeem was nineteen.

She made much use of milk in her cooking.

They worked jointly on this project.

Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone.

Are you telling me you forgot?

I hear what you're saying.

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I have something else to do.

Bruce will make due.

I don't know where he is or what he's doing.


Did somebody hit him?

I can ask Patrick to help.

It should be a no-brainer.

We just got here yesterday.

I'm tougher than you think.

"Who, and what are you?" Scrooge demanded. "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past."

I just feel a little dizzy.


This fruit doesn't taste good.


Tell them what you want.

Tell them I'll be home soon.

Adlai turned off the device.

Terrance has done well.

Who the fuck cares?

Pratap may have no choice.

How can you fix it?

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Schools are expected to meet the needs of every child, regardless of ability.


I just love that.


Wilson left his parents' house this spring and has been living alone since then.

I'll be right with you.

He took a drink of whiskey neat.

I like the sound of that Bell!

I've been up almost all night.

Please don't leave me here with Kyu.

This will make our job a lot easier.

Don't let them know that.

Lidia still hasn't looked at her mail.

We'll call her.

You know I don't have any money.

Morris thought that Raman would be here today.

How do we help them?


My neighbours are my friends.

He's celebrating his name day.

This is my driver.

Barrett hated the thought of leaving.

She went to Paris for the purpose of learning ballet.


We communicate by means of language.

The point is whether she will read my letter or not.

A lot of foreigners visit Japan every year.

I wonder what ever happened to Jeffery.

That would be awesome.

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Mexico City, the most populated city in the world, is located in Mexico.


Tell me you mean that.


Chew your food well so it can be digested properly.

Please show me your notebook.

It was impossible.

I'll do what I need to do.

I gave a homeless man twenty dollars.


I have to memorize a lot of passwords.

I'll get there.

I'm not sure who Luke's teacher is.

I've heard about it.

Wendi wanted to buy a new pair of boots.

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The last three blocks! Come on! Cheer up!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Can you get me in there?

Gregg's daughter is sick.

Swing music was a new form of jazz.

We'll catch her.

Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat the fruit of his apple trees.

My bicycle has a flat tire.

When I saw you, I thought you were the most ugly thing I've ever seen in my life.

What the heck?

Seeing as the curvature is smaller than unity, once the curve leaves the unit circle it will not come back.


Anything will do.

I sincerely hope for their happiness.

Did you go to Boston with Hugh?

I wonder who wrote this.

Jeanne has no reason to hide.

Ramneek is doing all right.

This is classified.


Why are you after me all the time?

Did they do something to Stanley?

I can't stay with my arms crossed!

I don't know how to play cards well, and I don't solve crossword puzzles often.

She sat in the chair all day, thinking of past events.

Steven said he heard Anna say that.

What are the men doing?

Joon was tortured by the police.

Jeffrey says that someday he'll do that.


I'm a bit shy.

We're supposed to be helping them right now.

I couldn't believe my luck.

Is Arne a good kisser?

She will become a doctor in two years.

Is it a wolf?

"Hello world" is the universal computer program.


The roads are blocked due to the bad weather.

We know you like Stevan.

Keep it in mind for the next time.

A cold confined him to his house.

Right now, all I want to do is sleep for a few hours.

I'll have skim milk.

Do you have any other theories?


I saw people wearing jeans.

I can't say anything.

Her husband is usually drunk.

I have been to the library.

Strangely enough, I didn't feel any pain at all.

Hal wants me to talk to them.

It is not rare that she leaves her umbrella behind.

I've been telling you that all along.

Trains stopped in consequence of the heavy rain.

Please don't argue.

The level of unbridled misogyny at the barbershop made me feel as if I had stepped back in time.

I'll go anywhere you want.

I have to call Pravin.


A pound was five dollars.

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I was a fool for a handsome fellow.

Geoffrey would be a good teacher.

I felt pretty comfortable.

Something good has happened.

Her neighbor will care for the children while she is away.


He went abroad.

Ozawa had not eaten anything since morning, or rather since the previous night.

A day without you is like a summer without the sun.

Jon has sense enough to stay out of trouble.

Once your reputation's gone, you can boldly carry on.

We couldn't have done this without your help.

They were all good swimmers.

I'll stand by you whatever happens.

Benjamin is opening that old truck.


I think it's time for me to write my mother another letter.

I'm not sure if Lucifer is ready.

This door can't be opened in any way.


The blonde girl has a really nice cleavage.

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I need all of it.

My cat will love this.

There are many races in the United States.

We've made a lot of progress today.

He always insists on having everything his own way.


Let him do whatever he wants! Edoardo is responsible.

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"I'm leaving tonight." "Don't give me that!"

Tell him to get a life.

Who left the door open?


You should go help her.


Elaine is deceitful, isn't he?

This is the latest fashion this spring.

All I can think about is next month's vacation. I haven't been on one in so long.


I would never dream of leaving you.

You want to be honest.

Arthur is getting across the river.


Do you think that's enough?